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Q: I know Band X that you carry in your store. Will you carry our record too?

A: I'm sorry. No. I'm limited on the amount of products that I can carry. Plus the whole point of my site is that the inventory is curated. Consider also the subscription service/recommendation of the month. If your band rules then I'm gonna hear about you eventually. Look, I've said no to bigger bands and bigger labels that you, you little son of a ..... sorry... carried away. Anyway, you get the idea.

Q: Are you signing bands to State Line Records?

A: No. I mean, if you're an established band and you want to license a past recording for reissue on vinyl then get in touch. I'll be able to tell you right out the gate if it's something I could sell.

Q: Are these LP's that you sell bootlegs?

A: This question always puzzles me. No. These are all legally and officially purchased proper releases by the bands or their respective record label. I get them through various channels. I buy them directly from the bands or their labels whenever the chance presents itself. Bands are not personally paid from the sale on my website; they are paid according to their contract with their label. Take for example if I buy $600 worth of product from Victory Records then it will go into their next royalty statements even if it takes me another 6 months to sell the records. The bands are paid from the wholesale purchase.

Q: Are the reissues on State Line Records official?

A: Yes. We paid a licensing fee to each of the bands that we did reissues with in 2017.

Q: Are the Showcase Showdown, Pinkerton Thugs and Kings of Nuthin shirts bootlegs?

A: No. These are officially licensed items and I'm quite proud of that. In the case of Showcase Showdown, they provided the original artwork and Chad the punk rock printer matched it up to his own original shirt. The Kings of Nuthin provided the digital files for their shirts and selected the two designs from a series of 8 to 10. The Pinkerton Thugs shirt were put together by our own art guy, Monty (aka Monticello), and Paul from Pinkerton Thugs requested modifications or revisions. The bands are paid at the end of each quarter for their sales. Let's hope the dialog with each of these bands leads to more in the future. But each of these bands has the right to discontinue our arrangement at any time. The logo and artwork is theirs.

Q: What's the point of your site?

A: I didn't like the amount of money I was spending on shipping by buying records from each label. So I created this site to make selections from multiple great labels in one place with one shipping cost. I try to keep my prices as low as possible but it really depends on the supplier's cost. Any mark-up or profit from the distro items goes to defray the cost of State Line Records expenses.