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Get-Punk Record Subscription (Shipping costs included)


Image of Get-Punk Record Subscription (Shipping costs included)

Joining now for February 2018 additions.
Open to US residents only
Shipping is included in the cost. $20 + $5.50

Unlike most record subscriptions, this is not intended to dump stock that doesn't sell. Here's how it will work:
* Each month people will have the opportunity to join
* Buyers have until the last day of the calendar month to join for the next month
* Everyone will receive the same record with a $20 retail value. It could be an LP. It could be an LP and a 7". It could be multiple 7"s
* For the most part, monthly selections will be by bands that you haven't heard of. Is it possible that you may already have the selection? Of course. How do I know what you have already? If you get something that you already have then simply gift it to a friend.
* Buying here will sign you up for the first month. Each subsequent month you will get a PayPal invoice on or around the 20th of the month with a cut off date of one week later. Anyone that doesn't pay the invoice will be removed from the subscription. You'll also have the opportunity to add additional records to your order. Once all invoices are paid then I will identify the selection of the month and order enough copies for everyone and mail them out as soon as they arrive. You should have it around the 15th of the month and then you'll receive the invoice for the next month.
* What's the point? Do you like the titles in our store? Do you trust me to send you something good? The point is that you'll hear bands or artists you may not have heard before. The bands or labels will be able to sell large quantities of their albums if they are the selection and bands need that kind of support. If we get enough members in time then we may be able to use the power of numbers to get exclusive vinyl color options.
* You'll never get a mainstream album. You may, however, receive an under-appreciated album by a popular band.
* It's fun.

Past selections:

February 2017 - Duck & Cover 10", Bundles 7" (Boston bands)

March 2017 - Dead End Cruisers - Deep Six Holiday LP, The Forgotten - Veni Vidi Vici LP, Filthy Thieving Bastards - Our Fathers Sent Us LP..... TKO Records spotlight

April 2017 - Off With Their Heads "Won't Be Missed" LP, Deadaires s/t LP (both on Anxious and Angry Records)

May 2017 - Carissa Johnson "Only Roses" LP

June 2017 - Red Scare Industries package featuring....... Nothington "In the End" LP + a bonus Nothington 7"

July 2017 - Boston bands..... Ocelot Records - The Digs and Oh the Humanity

August 2017 - Oxymoron - Feed the Breed LP (black vinyl)

September 2017 - The Bruisers - Up in Flames LP (white vinyl)

October 2017 - Nowherebound and War of Words LP's

November 2017 - Bundles/Dan Webb & The Spiders split 12", Michael Kane & The Morning Afters 7"

December 2017 - Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards - Live and Loud LP and Cock Sparrer - Every Step of the Way 7" - some limited edition Smoke Vinyl included along with Pirates Press Records posters.

January 2018 - TBA in a week when members receive their packages.